Vital Core - Construction Consulting & Building Assessment
Vital Core provides three different investigation strategies to determine the cause and effect of water intrusion on any roofing and or waterproofing assembly.
Visual Inspection:
Our initial investigation required on site is a visual, non-destructive inspection/evaluation of the existing roofing and or waterproofing system. We will observe all aspects of the assembly to determine visually compromised areas of the system. With this inspection we will then provide an evaluation report that will include photographs of the entire assembly and also provide recommendations for the necessary repairs that need to be performed at any compromised locations. These periodic visual inspections can save money and provide for a longer lasting roofing system. These inspections make it easy to detect failure points early and address them accordingly and prevent large scale damage.
Destructive Testing:
Once an initial visual inspection is complete, it may be necessary to extend the investigation and remove small areas of the roofing and or waterproofing system to adequately identify the source of water intrusion. We will remove a section of the system to determine if the problem is localized, meaning the issue is located only in that specific test region, or if it is a systemic issue throughout the existing roof or waterproofing assembly. The removed areas will be put back to original condition and we will then provide an evaluation report with photographs and repair recommendations included.
Infrared Surveys:
If it is determined during the visual evaluation that we can pinpoint the compromised area with an infrared inspection to determine the origin for the water intrusion issues, our team will present this to the representative and we can schedule a time and date to perform the survey to take place. Infrared surveys are non-destructive to the existing application and can usually be performed within one evening. The Infrared inspection must be performed at dusk to be accurate and assure that the information is correct. After the analysis of the survey is complete, we will provide an evaluation report in conjunction with regular photographs, infrared images and necessary repair recommendations to properly remedy the issues.
Water intrustion testing on window assemblies.Infrared survey of the water intrusion testing.