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Water ponding on a low slope roof system, causation for failure.
Roof Maintenance Programs:
Failure to annually assess a roofs condition, especially a low sloped roof system can lead to premature failure of many roofing components. So often do we see roofs that could have been evaluated and a strategy for repair put together to prevent its early demise. Re-roofing is expensive and if let go too long can get dangerous, causing structural issues in the substrate and framing members below. For an inexpensive evaluation at least once a year you can have peace of mind that the roof protecting everything under it is sound. Roofing systems were not designed to be self maintaining and will fail prematurely without proper care. We here at Vital Core have seen all different types of scenarios when it comes to roof system failure, but the leading cause of failure is the neglect to have the roof inspected and kept up annually. We have designed a program to track the life of your particular roof system and provide a plan of what minor upkeep and maintenance will need to be performed on an annual basis to keep the integrity of your roof healthy. We will provide an initial evaluation report for the current as-built system, if it is determined minor repairs and maintenance can be performed to salvage the roof, we will then provide the proposal for those services as well. We will also provide you with the future schedule of the roof maintenance program, materials and repairs that can be expected in the years to come. This annual program is like top grade insurance, we inspect every square foot of the roofing assembly to properly address all necessary maintenance needed to keep the system performing as intended.