Vital Core - Construction Consulting & Building Assessment
The roofing and consulting phase.Roof Consulting Services:
Vital Core Provides roof consulting services to a variety of clientele, from single family residences and multi building apartment and condominium complexes to high rise applications. Whether it is new construction or a re-roof on an existing project, we have got you covered.
Process Explained:
First, our team performs a visual inspection of the existing substrate and roofing system. This inspection includes a written report that in turn will provide recommendations for applicable repairs, maintenance and/or a complete re-roof. Also included in the report will be photos and sketches that we can review an explain the findings more thoroughly with our client.
Secondly, if it is decided to move forward with a complete tear off of the existing application and install a new quality roofing system, the Vital Core team will meet with the representatives and provide options for appropriate roofing systems tailored to specific needs. We will then prepare a project manual that will include necessary requirements and the roofing application specifications. When the project manual is complete and agreed upon, we will then distribute the invitations to certified roofing contractors to bid the job accordingly and we will perform a pre-bid meeting to explain the project manual to the involved constractors.The representative will have a chance to meet with the contractors and we will provide assistance in choosing one.
Third & Final, Once the work has commenced on the roofing project, we will perform ongoing inspections of the work product to assure proper application and procedures are being followed. This includes following all applicable building codes, industry standards and assuring the contractor is following the project manual. We will provide any assistance needed to the representative throughout the process and also provide interval progress reports regarding the project. All Change orders and such will be processed through Vital Core and the representative before finalized. Our final walk through will be performed with the contractor and all whom are interested in attending, in which final items will be addressed and a finalized report will follow.
Please feel free to review the presentation provided to reveal the advantages to having a roofing consultant leading your project!