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Commercial Property Condition Assessments:
Vital Core is experienced in evaluating entire buildings and all of their components to provide an in depth look at a property from a general contractor standpoint for potential buyers, Realtors and property investors. Our team will provide an entire building/property condition assessment or an assessment of particular components at the clients request. These assessments are very beneficial to individuals interested in buying all types of properties, it will give the potential buyer or investor a sense of knowing where the property stands in the current condition and what is in the works for the future integrity of the property. We start from the roofing system and work our way through each unit/interior all the way to the subteranian floor level, including everything in between. When we are complete with our evaluation, we will then begin preparing an assessment report that will include all deficiencies observed during our visual evaluation, this report will also include location analysis, repair recommendations, quantities and a full photo report for necessary future reference. We will be available anytime to discuss the findings of our evaluation with the client and all approved parties.
These in depth, accurate condition assessments allow the potential seller, buyer or investor(s) to have a contractor's view when involved in negotiations on any property, small or large. There are many visible and hidden building components that need evaluation upon sitting vacant or as a result of improper maintenance on behalf of the previous tenant/owner. The last thing you want when making a life changing investment is to purchase major unknown issues without professional insight. Let us help, we will provide you the knowledge you need to combat any potential hazards or deficiencies, along with construction related repair costs involving the as-built condition of the project so that you can make an informed and sound decision on this exciting and valuable asset.
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Our team of experienced professionals can handle any assessment request, large or small!