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Planswift take-off example.
Planswift Service:
As with the aerial measurements, time is money and the last thing a contractor wants to be tied up with is focusing on take-offs. Fortunately we got you covered. Here at Vital Core we are experienced in the wonderful world of take-offs for all building components. We use a highly sophisticated program called Planswift to pull quantities off of your personal plan sets. We can take your electronic plan set and do quality take-offs and spare more time for you to deal with more important things. We will copy the plans and pull the quantities you request, this information is then transfered to an excel spreadsheet that is equipped with a copy of color coated plan pages that include the component take-offs. Planswift is the leading program for the construction industry today, so why not be able to take advantage of it and implement it into your business. Our experience in this program is unrivaled and people are amazed when they see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to daunting measurements with a plan take-off pen. Call us for a free quote on your particular project needs today!