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In addition to commercial assessments, Vital Core also offers residential inspections and comprehensive property condition assessments to realtors, home owners, investors or anyone interested in knowing the overall condition of a home or property they are involved in dealings with or already own.
Differences Between the Inspection Types:
General Home Inspection:
These types of inspections are a more generalized oversight of the homes current condition. These are much what you would expect if you just hired a straight forward real estate inspector for buying/selling purposes. This inspection includes a broad list of components but not a very in depth comprehensive evaluation of the building components. This approach will point out more obvious issues/conditions to be aware of but not the "general contractor insight" to the property! We offer competitive prices in the home inspection field with quality reports! As with the property condition assessments (PCA's), both types can be tailored to one specific component such as roof, stucco, foundation, etc..
Property Condition Assessments:
These assessments are much more conclusive with respect to each individual building component. On a full property condition assessment, all the components are inspected from a "general contractor point of view". Our firm members have over ten years experience with commercial and residential property assessments. We provide a comprehensive report with photos included with a guaranteed quick turn around rate. Our residential assessments can usually be completed with two days, (1 day inspection and 1 day for report preparation). This is a very helpful tool to determine building deficiencies not otherwise observed by a typical home inspection because we actually observe all components up close and the methodologies used to install them. Assessment costs are more than general home inspection costs, but we work with our clients to determine their needs and decide the best option.
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