Vital Core - Construction Consulting & Building Assessment
Construction Monitoring:
As our experience has grown over the last decade in the roofing and waterproofing industry, we have been able to keep on track with innovative ways to help the projects at hand get and stay on track. Many times during our consulting projects have we seen work done and products installed that were not called out in the original project manual. Things can get moving quickly on the job site and many times unintentional mistakes lead to costly corrections or even worse, damage to other building components. To avoid such timely and costly setbacks, we offer construction monitoring programs as work on your specific project commences. Our team will review the approved construction documents implemented on the project and will assure that the products are being installed per code, manufacturer's recommendations and industry standard. We will assure all clean up and job site preparation is performed accordingly and will do periodic walkthroughs of the work completed with the contractor to assure no items are excluded. Vital Core will provide the representative with interval progress reports during the life of the installation/construction phase. We focus on relaying the representatives concerns to the contractor and vise versa to assure a smooth construction project experience for both sides.
Construction monitoring during the building phase.