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Construction document review.
Construction Document Review:
Here at Vital Core our team has been involved with the process of new roofing, re-roofing and waterproofing applications on several small, medium and large scale projects, and it seems no matter what the project consists of, there is always complications in understanding the documents. It may be material compatibility or material installation procedures. The industry is introducing new products, procedures and standards almost daily and it can be complicating for someone running a job to keep up with all the possibilities. We can offer some third party input and shine light on the confusion. We will thoroughly review the construction documents to assure all products are compatible with one another and suitable for application to the existing substrate and or weather barriers being utilized on the project. We will provide a comprehensive report of our findings along with our recommended revisions to better comply with the industry standards. We will also provide explanations for our reasoning behind the changes to the original construction documents. It is an ever evolving world and we take pride in spreading knowledge and preventing disastrous mistakes which can potentially cripple the integrity of the project.