Vital Core - Construction Consulting & Building Assessment
Waterproofing assemblies installed during the construction monitoring.
Construction-Defect Litigation Support:
Vital Core has been involved in the construction defect litigation industry for over a decade relating to roofing and waterproofing issues and disputes. We have been involved in a variety of different material applications in which claims were being made. Vital Core is available to take care of any investigative needs regarding construction claims on all types of waterproofing applications, from residential to commercial high rise. Our experience in these fields has led us through California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Florida dealing with waterproofing issues. We pride ourselves on concentrating on all building components involved and being tested to determine the compromised assemblies. We perform extensive field reports and provide in depth photograph documentation during all site observations, from visual to destructive testing to assure our client fully understands the building components being observed and the point of failure. We keep our clients updated daily on the inspection progress and testing protocols. It is our goal to assure proper evaluation of the integrity of the components being investigated. After the inspection period, we make it a point to have a reasonable turn around on our field notes and photographs along with all other documents requested from our clients.
Vital Core has been involved in countless SB800 claims during its upbringing. We have a mutual understanding of what our clients want and expect and would offer them nothing different during this fragile process. We have had wonderful experiences in working with the developers to assess the issues at hand and make rational decisions and repair recommendations in response to the alleged claims.