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Aerial Roof Measurement Tools:
Over the years, we have learned that it can be difficult for roofing contractors to schedule time to visit a project just for simple take-offs that are going to take no time at all. Also, it can be difficult for a homeowner that is taking on the daunting task of re-roofing their own home to know where to start. Let Vital Core help, with the new technology available we will explain to you what we can provide. We have stored databases of aerial images that we can get clear uncut visuals of the roof you desire. We can obtain accurate ridge, hip, eave, open rake, headwalls and confined rake calculations. We will provide you with an aerial photograph of the roof and mark out all off the roofing components. We will provide you with an excel cut sheet that will provide you with accurate quantities to begin your re-roofing or new roofing project. Also, you will be provided the area of the roof and a sound report to be confident you can bid the job accordingly. Save time, money and stress with this sure fire tool. With time being money, it is a clear way to save. Call us today to request a quote! 
Aerial roof measurement layout.Aerial roof measurement layout, complete with quantities.