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3D Design & Animation:
3D graphic design example.There is a relatively new innovative tool to hit the construction world. Its uses can range from small details to give a visual to a specific building assembly or provide a full scale interactive model. This is the use of 3D Design/Animation, this tool is helping contractors better explain complicated details and also helping assist the construction defect litigation field with explaining certain components to outside onlookers, such as a jury or the handling mediator and opposing counsel. Here at Vital Core we take a 2D plain text photo, specification or thought and bring it into an interactive 3D model for all to view. The great thing about the program we utilize for our models, is that as the client you would not have to purchase the program, it can simply be downloaded for free to your mac or PC and our team can provide you with the finished model. We have the complete version of the program and many years of experience to provide you a comprehensive and interactive model to display. You can easily orbit around these models and explain key points to an audience and you will be amazed as to how quickly they catch on to the building concepts. Don't spend a fortune for this service, let us review your project and see what it is we can make come to life for you. You wont believe your eyes!

3D graphic design example of a particular detail.3D graphic design expample of a modest home.